Why Be a Youth Sports Coach or Mentor?

Recently, I was asked why I thought that being a coach or mentor was a really good idea. Indeed, I like high-energy, agility, strength, determination and perseverance, which athletes have. In my younger days I enjoyed playing not watching, I still enjoy competition and winning. In my day I was a track star. My mom went to all my track meets, I never lost must have been fun for her to watch her son win all the time.

She also went to all my sisters cheerleading and brother's soccer games too. I do not know how she did all that, but she loved it too. I think because she was an Olympic Alternate Swimmer, who actually would have ended up competing if she did not have me. I remember those days and sometimes you remember your youngger days as an exceptional athlete too? Well there are always more kids coming up who need a little bit of coaching too.

We need coaches and we need more mentors this is a good thing indeed. I had 100s, hanging out at the airport washing airplanes (my little business as a teenager) for business execs, entrepreneurs, sports stars, entertainers, trust fund babies, etc. You learn a lot doing that, interesting. After a while you learn the most from yourself. Mentoring is fun, although it is hard for me to see lack of character and wish to continue, you have to really want to do it.

You see my view is we can not wait or trust the next generation to fix the problems we create or that we allowed to continue. This generation did not do it, although in some aspects made progress, in others failed miserably, This is not okay and it is unacceptable. Why would the next generation be any different? We must mentor the next generation to work hard, teach them teamwork so they can carry on.

Today the schools are not any better than when we were young, they are worse. The cheating in schools is outrageous. We need to teach strength of character and integrity and sports is a great way to do that and you can help. This is why you should be a Youth Sports Coach or Mentor?