WoW Macro – A Gold Making Macro in World of Warcraft?


You can use a WoW macro for just about anything. The most common use for macros in World of Warcraft is in PvP and PvE though. But the game is not just about doing attacks and fighting players in the various forms of PvP prezent. You also need to have a steady income of gold to make sure you will have everything you need. Now you can use a simple macro in WoW that will help you make that gold.

One of the most sure ways to make some cash in the game is with the professions. Each class can have up to two professions and several other tradeskills. As you may have noticed, there are always players in big cities who are either offering their skills to craft for other people, or are looking for some specific crafters.

If you have professions that you want to use to make gold, then I have a WoW macro for you that will help you do just that. Here it is:

/ cast Inscription
/ run SendChatMessage ("Insert text here" ..GetTradeSkillListLink (), "channel", nil, "2")
/ cast Enchanting
/ run SendChatMessage (GetTradeSkillListLink () .. "Insert text here", "channel", nil, "2") CloseTradeSkill ()

Obviously, you can change the professions for the ones you have. After that you just need to link what you can do and replace "channel" with guild or send to send your message to those particular channels. The number there represents the trade channel, if your trade channel is not numbered 2, then just make the required modifications.

Using this simple macro for WoW, you can easily get people to order what they need from you. The beauty about this macro is that you can link two professions to different channels by just using one button.

This is a perfect example of how macros will help you get faster in World of Warcraft. You are able to use several capabilities by just pressing one button. That is way better than having to reach for keys all over your keyboard.

When in battle with a player, you have to move constantly. If you have to keep at least two fingers on your directional keys, that gives you only 3 more to use abilities. By having your main spells in macros, you can access them using just one button which will be bound very close to your hand. So you become a lot more faster than by not using a World of Warcraft macro.

Use this WoW macro to start putting those professions to work for you. They are a very big investment, both time and gold wise, and now you need to profit from it. This amazing macro will help you do that fast and easy. This is just one example of how useful a World of Warcraft macro can be.