How to Use Facebook Promotions

Facebook promotions are everywhere and often everyone is utilizing them as a marketing tool. Facebook is a social utility wheree more than one billion Facebook users connect with others; family and friends correspond, and more. This has made Facebook evolve into an incredibly effective marketing tool. It has produced a strong marketing platform where marketers can use it to promote or develop awareness of products available, etc. With the correct technical know-how, this is just the right tool to use to reach the right audience and turn them into consumers.

Facebook offers the option of creating a fan page for an item, business or occasion– at no cost. The nature of Facebook promotions is that everyone who reads your posts has the ability to spread the information further within their own network. This allows advertisers to reach a large number of people in a short amount of time. There is so much one can market utilizing Facebook; examples of this consist of live events, shows and businesses, among others.

Importance of Live Events

Holding a live event and getting the targeted audience turnout has never been this easy. Facebook promotions offer the very best tools to do this since with the existing development in modern technology, information is now available at people's fingertips. The young people, who are usually the key target of these live events, are all over Facebook making it easier for hosts to create awareness of the events. All that is needed is a little imagination. If you pursue this effectively, then you are certain to connect with the targeted number of users that you want to present at your live event.

Running Contests

When Facebook introduced timeline earlier this year, Facebook contests got a new look and got to enjoy even more space and distinction on Facebook pages. Facebook released tools that are totally complimentary which, when used correctly, allow one to get increased Facebook contest visibility. A few of these tools include highlighted posts – which help accentuate prominent posts relating your contests – and featured "pinned" posts – which enable marketers to pin a post to the top of your timeline to boost visibility, that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. Custom-made contest tabs allow users to house all their contests under the renovated custom tabs at the top of the new timeline. Furthermore, they can host mobile-friendly URLs, which enable users to effortlessly view your page on their mobile devices.

Facebook promotions are a perfect fit for marketing or promoting both small and large businesses. Obviously, small businesses may have a limited advertising budget. Neverheless, this is not to say that marketers should kill their dream of marketing. Facebook promotions are really cost-effective, helping draw in consumers from a broad market niche as compared to various other advertising tools, which demand a much greater marketing budget.