Decorative Curtain Rods


Gone are the days when people played down the curtain rod. With button-down curtains and styles that display more rod, the curtain rod can not be ignored. Whether you wish to stay traditional or go contemporary, whether you want wood or metal, you name it and they've got it on the market.

Some of them are fashionable of oak and hand-finished so as to bring out the wood grain. Wooden curtain rods can be had in teak, beech, maple, cherry, mahogany, walnut or oak.

If your room is classic in style, maybe you could opt for the burgundy and gilt wax model, yet another option in the wood range.

The metal range has such a wide choice: chrome, brushed chrome, solid brass and graphite with brass and has a range of finishes. The bohemian metal range suits curtains that are not too heavy. The finials have elaborate designs that make this especially attractive. The range of finial designs available today is a sight for sore eyes. Bold or delicate, they make a statement in any home. They come in ribbed, reeded, urn, pearl-drop and acorn patterns. You sometimes wonder whether it's your curtains you want to show off, or your curtain rods!

When you buy curtain rods, they usually come with brackets, rings and finials. You can shorten them depending on your door or window sizes. Some of them have channels and gliders that make for smooth movement. Some come with pulls.

To show off an exquisite curtain rod, curtains could be hung from decorative rings. Looped curtains are especially flattering to the ornate curtain rod. From the aesthetic point of view, there seems nothing a hardware designer and a skilled craftsman can not create. You can make a statement with curtains, as well. It may be quiet elegance or ostentatious opulence – the choice is yours.