My Wii and Me

Growing up Nintendo I was that guy that would take a bullet when people came to talk bad about the big N. Becoming a developer changed my views a lot when you realize certain decisions just are not that sound for gamers. During the Gamecube era Nintendo did not have many friends. This was also the hardest time I ever had ending my company.

I always loved their philosophy of incorporating everyone in play, but I do not share their same beliefs in what a gamer wants and does not want. Instead of saying mature we're going to use the word complex. A lot of Nintendo titles lack complex material, even some of their games that are actually provided to be more complex than normal. The Legend of Zelda series is as deep as it goes when it comes to complexity, with Metroid ranking second. I only put it second because Metroid barely has a storyline to tell of.

None of these titles have the same artistic view as normal games such as Bioshock and Metal Gear Solid. Between the two I can say that they are two of the best games I have ever played in my life but between the everything on Nintendo I can ever say The Wind Waker was the best Zelda game.

There was a little bit of an abnormality when RE4 was released which was this the best game I had ever played up until MGS4. But games like RE4 are the exact games that are not on Nintendo's system that everyone else was trying to tell me about years ago. I do not down Nintendo's theory on getting everyone to play but they are closer to being a toy company than a game developer.

They want to consider themselves in a different league than Sony and Microsoft, but you're not, your a game company just like everyone else. I believe Nintendo will once again fall if they continue their weak efforts in making games. The gamer will take continue to play games as mothers grandma's and uncle Stan will find something else to do once satisfied.

Nintendo has always been a profitable company, money is no new issue to them just as being number 1 in the industry and falling to dead last is also. I still have my Wii for Monster Hunter 4 but other than the occasional Smash Bros battle nothing happens with my Wii.