Full Finger Armor Rings Are Not Just Any Old Jewelry, They Are Stunning Pieces of Finger Art

Have you ever stopped to think that no matter how fantastic an outfit we wear, we still love to adorn ourselves with jewelry to really finish off and enhance our look and somehow over the years it has become almost instinctive to add that finishing touch or commit a great crime of sorts? So, to ensure that you do make that particular fashion faux pas, I have seen some mind blowing additions to whatever you choose to wear in the form of an armor ring.

Until recently, if someone had said full finger armor rings to me I really would have been a little perplexed and to as what one might be, well my guess would have been way out of the ball park. I mean, was I going to be looking at a ring with some serious metal work? All joking apart I have been totally inspired by these amazing pieces of finger art (because that is truly what they are) and I cannot help but think you will agree.

If you are thinking circular with a stone or some engraving, then you would be correct on the last one but, that is pretty much where we leave convention and go off on a stunning jewelry journey. I do not know the origins of when and where they appeared but, because they are also known as a full finger ring, knight ring, medieval ring and Gothic ring to name but a few, perhaps they are more steeped in history than we can begin to know.

That said looking at some of the styles and designs you could be forgiven for thinking that they have quietly stayed in the jewelry fashion background since times of old and are now emerging and making such a visual impact because it really is time for them to have the limelight for sure.

If Vivienne Westwood has cottoned on to the idea and given her spin on things, producing some awesome designs you know that whatever you see is going to be jaw dropping. So, what is so special about these rings? The bottom line is that they are so very different from anything you really can imagine.

They are generally made of hard wearing but comfortable pewter or sterling silver and because of this can be very intricate in design (very workable metals apparently). Which means, just a fantastic finished result that is pretty impressive to look at, with 2 or 3 pieces that are jointed so as to flow with your own finger and hand movements very naturally and easily.

To really give not only your outfit but, your day a huge lift, take a look at any of these dramatic items of full finger decoration. I can guarantee wearing an armor ring will make your hand one of the most talked about in your office or college, or whatever you happen to be involved in, no problem. Just be prepared to answer loads of questions and share your find knowing you have started something awesome.