Natural Cleaning Products – Keep Your Kitchen Clean With Baking Soda

The average kitchen contains a number of different cleaners for different appliances and applications. However, you can reduce the number of cleaners in your cabinet, saving you some time and money, if you use natural cleaning products such as baking soda. This one product can do a number of jobs around your kitchen.

Clean Coffee Makers
Add a few tablespoons of baking soda to a quart of water, and use this solution to clean up your coffee maker. After scrubbing, wipe with a clean, damp cloth to remove any traces of cleaner. You can also run a cycle using this solution to clean out the coffee maker and help keep your coffee tasting good. Run two cycles of plain water afterwards to remove any remains of the solution.

Degrease Pots and Pans
Use baking soda sprinkled on a wet cloth or sponge to cut grease on your stainless steel pots and pans. This natural cleaning product will also help loosen the stuck-on burned food from your cookware. Create a paste with water and spread it in the bottom of the pan, leaving it for a few hours before scrubbing.

Clean and Deodorize Plastic Containers
The same method for degreasing pots and pans also works for cleaning plastic containers. It will help remove stains and take out the lingering spaghetti smell.

Clean and Deodorize the Dishwasher
Sometimes even your dishwasher needs a good cleaning. Use baking soda as a natural cleaning product to help the appliances that clean for you work even better. When your dishwasher suffers from a buildup of soap and is starting to smell even after the dishes are cleaned, run a cycle with it empty, replacing the soap with baking soda.