Car Game – A Burnout Dominator

Burnout Dominator is a car game available with the video games. It is well supported for PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation portable. No game has endeared itself to us the way the burnout series has. Sometimes it's the insane speeds. Or the rewarding feeling you get when you introduce opponents to the friendly pillar on the corner of the road. There's that sweet taste of revenge as you descend from the skies onto the bonnet of the unsuspecting fool who thought he could get away with taking you down. A new feature called burnout revenge, they have added a bunch of new modes to the burnout dominator, but one of the best features has now been disowned. The gloriously destructive car crash mode is gone from the game.

The versions for every platform do not communicate with each other. The plus point of this car game is that you can change the burnout's drive like a maniac while boosting, and you will get an instant boost recharge that will let you go even faster. Traffic checking is gone, so you can not use the hapless public as pawns in your game of death and destruction any more. This is all as fun as it sounds, but definitely tougher, what with the going boom every time you hit traffic a bit. The overall game play has not changed enough to warrant comment, other than that we are glad it all feels the same as the previous car game.

This game looks amazing, and is a testament to the fact that the old PS2 still has a life. For someone new to franchise, it is an excellent game to have. Revenge owners; buy this only if you are bored with the same old locations. Apart from this, there are lots of car games available on the internet offering a common platform for playing games and having fun on the internet. You can even play these games with friends and family and have quality time. However, you must make sure that you get on genuine and legitimate websites to play these games.