iPod Emergency: What To Do if Your iPod Falls in the Toilet


Attention to all iPod users. Try not to use your iPod in the bathroom. Is it important to listen to Unchained melody while sitting on the toilet? A lot of iPod users reported iPod malfunctioning after accidentally dropping their iPod in the toilet. If the toilet was clean and empty before the drop, then the problem is recoverable, but you still have to act quickly.

Here is some advice if your iPod accidentally falls into the toilet water:

1. The following is really hard sometimes. Try to immediately pull your iPod out of the toilet water. Use some towel or cleaning material to quickly clean and dry the external parts of the iPod.

2. Quickly turn off your iPod. As you probably know, water and electricity just will not mix. Water may seriously damage the electrical connections. Just turn it off as soon as you can!

3. Rinse your iPod. Use an air hose or something to blow air and remove any water that's stuck inside the device. Shake the device well before blowing any air.

4. You may need to erase and restore all your data from the hard drive. The iPod hard drive is a quite sensitive hardware part.

5. Place your iPod in a safe and warm place. Try to forget and start praying. Hopefully, everything will be fine. Wait for a day or more before turning on your iPod. Do not use the device unless you are sure that it's completely dry!

6. Chances are your iPod will also need a hardware check. Visit your local repair store and tell them that your iPod fell into your toilet. Be sure to warn those guys if the toilet water was not so clean.

If you are lucky your iPod will survive the water encounter and work again. A lot of electronic devices can be recovered from water immersion. Just remember to immediately turn off the power.