DVD Packaging – A Brief Look at Some Popular Products on the Market

DVDs are a very popular form of media storage device and it does not surprise that a lot of people have loads of DVDs in their homes. These days, DVD packaging is just as important as the actual DVDs themselves. Since you can store practically all of your digital files on it, your music, playlists, photo images, home videos, not to mention all your DVD movies and data files, it is very important to keep your entire DVD collection neatly arranged and always protected .

To start, there are standard DVD packaging styles and several other product designs. These products and designs are widely recognized and equally recommended by the audio and corporate industry. There are also new DVD packaging designs that are made from recycled materials which are being widely promoted as people and corporations have become more and more concerned for the environment. These earth friendly packaging designs are composed of paper and paper made boards that come from sustained forests. Creative packaging ideas using recyclable materials are often introduced in regular manufacturer's board meetings. CD or DVD packaging types can be made of anything from card and paper based products that are either gloss or matt Laminated, sealed with varnish, or embossed. There are also the plastic based designs and ideas which are able to store up to hundreds of DVDs.

There are certainly a lot of DVD packaging ideas and solutions that the consumer can choose from. The standard types are:

• C-Shell – a plastic case that opens in the front where the disc is enclosed rather secrecy.
• Adhesive hubs are plastic rounds that have a strip of adhesive in the center ring where the disc is secured.
• A digipack which is folded cardboard packaging containing a plastic tray to hold the DVD securely. These are usually printed with custom designs and is not an off the shelf solution.

• Kick out or ejector cases made of plastic are secure and an easy way to store a DVD or CD.
• The cheapest type of DVD packaging is the sleeves which often use soft plastic or paper as the material.
• Jewel cases are clear; three piece plastic that can be bought with or without a black or white tray t hold the disc inside.
• The most common form of DVD packaging which is the standard DVD case usually delivered in black. Other colors are available such as white, red, blue and clear. You can even go out and buy a slim version of these standard cases for more space efficiency.