Internet Viral Marketing Tools You Can Use

Nowadays, many companies prefer Internet viral marketing because it is effective and cost efficient. One of the most common tools for this type of web based advertising is known as email marketing.

Nowadays, the buzzword in marketing is viral marketing. When you say viral it means that people are forced or hired to spread a piece of information or data to friends, family, and other individuals. The concept is much like spreading something via word of mouth. The only difference is that viral marketing campaigns use emails, blogs and other web-based applications. The reason why many companies and individuals prefer this kind of marketing is its effectiveness. Like a wildfire, an effective viral advertising can spread out in just a matter of days or even hours.

One of the most popular Internet viral marketing tools that you can use for your campaign is e-mail marketing. In this method, you need to create a convincing sales letter or promotional message and send it out via the Internet. If you are just starting out, your email list may only be composed of your friends and family. However, you can usually ask the people in your email list to pass your letter or message on to their corresponding email lists. If your letter or message is really compelling, other people will start sending them out to many others, creating a snowball effect. As you can see, email marketing is not really very expensive. All you need is a letter, which you can ask a web copywriter to make for a small fee. Of course you will also need an email account and an Internet connection to start your campaign.

Article marketing is another viral marketing technique that is starting to be quite popular. On the Internet, content is king. Thus, if you would be able to provide quality content, people will be visiting your website on a regular basis. Also, you can create articles and submit them to different article directories and ezines. In such websites, you can actually provide a link of your website at the author's information section. So if a person reads your article on the directories and likes it, she can click on the link on the article and visit your website.

Other viral marketing methods include blogging and participating in forums, chat rooms, and even social marketing sites. Compared to traditional advertising campaigns, making use of the Internet is cheaper and quite effective in reaching your targeted market.