Choosing a Corner Shower

Corner showers are a convenient alternative to a standard bathtub and shower combination. In a small bathroom with limited space, they are a perfect substitution for a standard bath. They provide more room inside compared to a regular four corner shower and still leave adequate room in the bathroom for storage space and even a vanity.

There are many different sizes, colors, and styles of corner showers available and each one has its own unique interior features. Consider the base size when shopping for this type of shower, because this will ultimately determine the amount of space inside. The larger the shower base, the more room available on the interior. Look for features on the interior such as shelves for soap and shampoo, and a towel rack. These features are a nice addition to the shower walls. Without the edges of a standard tub there is now to put these items other than on the floor, which will leave you with less foot room. Some showers also have a built in bench which is a convenient feature.

Corner showers are generally easy to install and take little time. Some of these showers are fiberglass and come in a kit with everything included, whereas others can be built by purchasing individual pieces. If you opt to purchase the pieces separately, remember that you will need some sort of back splash on the wall. Tile is always a good choice, but it is important that the walls of the shower connect securely to the back splash to avoid leaks.

There are several options for doors and fixtures, so you are able to create a shower that not only fits well in a small space, but is also appealing and functional. Showers designed for the corner are an excellent alternative to a full size shower and tub, especially when space is limited. Choosing features that will compliment your bathroom will make this shower a perfect addition to your home.