Baby Shower Games

Baby showers do not have to break the bank. Some of the best memories can be created with baby shower games and a group of great friends!

Say baby shower, and most people think of the notorious corny games played at such parties. These games, though often cliche, are some of the best ways to get to know guests and leave them smiling. When planning a baby shower, do not be afraid to include free baby shower games.

Guests will willing participate and maybe even go home with a prize! When selecting games it is important to consider time restrictions and the opinions of the mother-to-be in addition to budget.

It is customary to provide a small gift to the winner of the game, usually a candle, stationary, or knick-knack. Think about the number of guests that will be attending, the scale of the party, and number of games you want to play. If you are already providing party favors and lavish refreshments, you may want to choose free baby shower games.

Here are some ideas for some games to play at a baby shower.

1. Picture game- Have guests bring a picture of themselves as a baby. Number and post the pictures in a central location. During the party, sometimes when guests are socializing, they can guess which picture belongs with each guest. It's funny to see how many guests have changed, and sometimes how much they have not!

2. Mommy circumference game- make sure you get the mother-to-be's approval on this one first. Have the guests guess the measure of the momma's belly. They can just guess in inches, tie a knot in a sting to guess, or even use toilet paper.

3. Test the palette- This game would challenge even the gourmet. Provide each guest with a small sample of a variety of baby foods and have them guess each flavor. Some suggested flavors, green beans, sweet potatoes, plum, and apricot.

4. Blindfolded diaper change- This is especially funny for those with little or no experience with diapers. Have several baby dolls ready, and have the guests change the diaper blindfolded, make sure they use the wipes, powder and diaper rash cream!

5. Find the diaper pins- Find a few big bowls and fill them with white rice. Put several small safety pins or diaper pins in each bowl and mix them in with the rice. Blindfold contestants and have them find as many pins as they can in one minute. The person with the most pins wins.

6. First born baby game- Fill an ice cube tray with water and put a little plastic baby (available at party supply stores) in each cube. Freeze overnight. To play the game, give each party goer an ice cube. Whoever's baby is "born" first, by the ice cube melting away, wins.

Baby showers are a time for silliness and celebration and they do not have to break the bank. These free baby shower games can be a lot of fun, and will make your party one to remember for years to come.