God's Flower Garden

Have you ever gotten a tremendous, overpowering urge to plant a garden in the spring? Dottie sure did! One spring she wanted very badly to plant something so she could watch it grow, even though she had no garden area, and then she was wondrously, lovingly shown that she could plant a garden.

The angelic spirits shared with her how she could do it. They told her that every time she helped someone, or in some way passed along a good energy even with something as little as a smile, then she planted a beautiful fragrant flower in the garden of her heart. However, whenever she hurt someone intentally, or got angry with someone without cause, or even cave them a look that showed she disapproved of them in some way, then she planted a weed in her heart flower garden.

She knew she had the choice of planting a garden full of beautiful flowers to present to God, or to just plant a garden full of decaying, dye weeds to present to Him when she went to stand before Him. She knew she wanted to present the most beautiful flower garden to Him that she could possibly create. She wanted Him to hear the beautiful vibrations of harmonious song as all flowers sang a most beautiful heavenly melody in His honor.

So now Dottie goes about her daily chores sharing good energy. She smiles at people in the grocery store line. She offers to help others every time she has an opportunity. She smiles at the waitress and leaves a good tip. She brings her dog special, delicious treasures, and is wonderfully rewarded by his loving, excited response. She is assured that her fragrant, colorful flower garden will be so beautiful that it will create a warm, joyous glow in her heavenly Father's heart when he receives it, and all of heaven will rejoice!

We can plant our heart flower gardens every hour of every day as we walk the wonderful spiritual path of the Red Road. Our heavenly Father will be joyously pleased! Blessings and warm thoughts …