Do Travel Games Work?

Travel games are a must for family travel; they are great for Dr's appointments, airplane trips, car travel, road travel, camping outdoor, picnics, trains, and cruises. They work great also for any other time that you need to keep children quiet, happy and entertained.

Travel Games are perfect for kids who like to play together on road trips and are bored and / or restless watching movies on the DVD. Games are a great way to keep kids engaged and thinking, while waiting in long lines or any kind of travel. Yes, most of them are very beneficial because most of them reinforce some sort of educational structure, which make them educational.

We all know that favorite travel question of kids "Mom are we there yet", so when they are occupied in thought and play that question is minimized to just a low, slow annoyance.

Any time you are thinking about taking a trip it is well worth your while to come up with ideas for games to play and then planning them out, as engaging travel games are an absolute necessity if you will be spend long periods of time in a vehicle with children. This also goes for all modes of transportation including planes, cruises and waiting rooms.

Some travel games are compact and even magnetic so the pieces are not lost and scattered around, are also designed to be easy for the kids to handle; they are unique and an interesting way to pass the time without losing too many pieces.

The oldest travel games and ones that have been around for years are still popular and you can come up with your twists and turns and requirements to make it more interesting. There is the license plate game where you can call the states or the letters or the numbers. Then there is the alphabet game where you start with A and go to Z by finding the letters on license plates, billboard signs, buildings, stores or whatever rule you want to make up. To keep the game exciting you can mix and switch the rules.

You can count the number of blue cars or red cars etc etc. and to make this one even more fun you can make your own set of cards and when you find that item you discard the card and the first one with no cards wins. These cards can be made ahead of time on 3 x 5 cards and be kept in the car all the time just in case. You should make up at least sixteen cards or more and have different items on the cards. Happy Vacationing and definitely make it fun.