Tips for Healthy Dining Out That Will not Ruin Your Weight Loss Plan

Are you tired of feeling guilty about eating out? Of course it's easier to track calorie count for your weight loss plan when you prepare meals at home, but you can still make healthy decisions about what to eat when dining out that will not add to your waistline. You just need a little help with knowing what to order. Here are some tips to get you started!

o Know the Menu – Most restaurants offer online versions of their menus. This makes it simple to take a look ahead of time and consider what options may be best. Typically, hungry restaurant-goers look at the menu and gravitate toward the unhealthy choices. Avoid persuasive hunger pangs by planning your meal choices in advance.

o Opt for Grilled or Broiled Meat – The more popular fried and baked meats invariably contain astronomically more calories and fat than more healthy options. Fish, chicken, and lean meats are reasonably already in your fitness program. They're high in protein, but not high in calories.

o Dressing on the Side, Please – While salads are certainly a healthy option, they often come smothered in fatty dressing. If you order your dressing on the side, you make the choice how much of it you eat.

o Sharing is Caring – Portion sizes seem to be getting larger every day in American restaurants. A simple way to avoid the black whole of consuming the whole oversized portion is to share with a like-minded healthy eater. While you may think that you can eat the whole meal, odds are that your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

o Life-Giving Water – Soda and alcohol contain tons of unnecessary calories and sugar. Instead, stick to water. This will aid both your health AND your wallet. Can not live without carbonation? Try a sparkling water or a diet soda. Add some lemon or lime for flavor.

o You'll Live without Dessert – While it may seem like a crime to leave the restaurant without ordering that decadent slice of chocolate mousse pie, skipping dessert is one of the most straightforward ways of cutting calories. If you think doing without may kill you, ask a friend to split one with you.

You do not have to suffer as a result of your weight-loss program. Follow these healthy tips for dining out, and enjoy your night on the town!