The 3 Main Types of Scaffolding and What They Are Used For

If you’re in the construction field or are into any type of larger home improvements, then you will most likely need some sort of scaffolding set up at some point in your life. But that is certainly not the only reasons you would need scaffolding. There are many types of scaffolding. These consist of three main categories; suspended, supported, and aerial. After reading this informative article you will have a more in depth awareness of these three types of scaffolding.

Let’s discuss further what all these three types of scaffolding involve. Suspended scaffolding is when the scaffold is securely suspended by rope from the roof or top of a house or building. Suspended scaffolding is compiled of pulleys, levers, and switches. These allow you to lower yourself from the top of the building back to the bottom and vise versa.

The next sort of scaffolding is known as supported scaffolding. This type is one that is built from the ground upwards. It consists of lumber and poles to make a framed scaffold. You climb up a ladder to mount this type and work from the middle length of the scaffold called a platform. Supported scaffolding is one of the only types of scaffolding that allows you to either be grounded on supports or completely mobile if wheels are attached to the bottom of the supports.

The last category we’re going to become more acquainted with is called aerial lifts. Aerial lifts are actually mounted devices that have the capability to be lifted to other elevations and locations. This is so helpful to workers when they have a need for the scaffolding to be lifted to a completely different location. However, for this to be accomplished, this is one of the types of scaffolding that requires shackles to prevent them from being accidentally disengaged from the hook carrying the lift.

Now that you have read through this guide you have a better understanding of what you need when sorting through different types of scaffolding. If you’re washing windows on a tall fifty story building then it’s probably best to use some sort of suspended scaffolding set up. On the other hand, if you intend on constructing a house then it’s in your best interest to utilize the supported ground scaffolding. And if you need a source for moving the scaffold in the air then it’s recommended that you go with the aerial approach.