Crystal Chandelier Installation Tips


Whenever we hear someone mention the word "chandelier," the images that immediately shoot up in our minds would be something like this: the rich and famous, tuxedos, large estates and mansions, and elegant ballroom parties. The reason these things come to mind is that these familiar lighting fixtures possess and convey those hits.

The good thing is that these fixtures of elegance do not have to just belong in a fancy castle, since these too can be installed in your own home, giving any house the air of luxury and elegance. However, since buying crystal chandeliers for your home can be a big purchase, you would need to make sure that you are doing everything possible to get the best and most alluring one.

Buying crystal chandeliers for your home can add to making your home more elegant; however improper handling and cleaning would certainly erase its luster and will not give you the elegance and allure you expected.

Chandelier Purchase Tips

It would be good to keep in mind when buying light fixtures like these, is to remember that you're also buying a status symbol. It also helps to prepare yourself for the expenses required when buying one, since they are not cheap and it would be easy to get cooked up in the frenzy of upscale-priced competition.

Although sometimes it could be tempting, just try to buy the ones you could afford. Do not let the reputation that these bring to your home meddle with your own personal sense of style, especially when it comes to size. The best move you can make is to ensure that the chandelier is in proportion with the size of the room.

Unfortunately, bigger is often better. Most often, when a homeowner installs a smaller model, the room itself swallows it up, dwarfing what is supposed to be an impressive decorative lighting fixture. However, do not get carried away, and do not let the size dictate your preferences.

Crystal Chandelier Installation Tips

Proper Installation of crystal chandelier requires careful consideration to detail. Since chandeliers are often heavier and more ornately designed than other forms of lighting, it is imperative that you properly perform the following steps.

– Verify and check the weight of your new chandelier. If it almost matches the weight of your current lighting fixture, do not replace the ceiling junction box. However, if the chandelier is heavier than your current fixture, purchase and install a junction box that will support the chandelier's weight.

– Disconnect the power plug connected to the chandelier. Use a circuit tester to verify the electricity is off.

– Remove the old light fixture. Note how the fixture was installed and mark the wires with tape.

– Attach the hardware from the new chandelier to the mounting strap. If there is no mounting strap, try to install one.

– Screw the mounting strap to the junction box.

– Once you have twisted the wires from the new chandelier to the ceiling wires, twist on wire nuts clockwise.

– Follow the manufacturer's manual in the installation process.

– If you are installing the chandelier in a dining room or kitchen, make sure the chandelier hangs at least thirty inches above any table you might place under it. Your chandelier should measure twelve inches less in diameter than the width of the table.

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