Lost Pets – How to Find Them

Pets are no longer considered working animals they are more members of the family, you will probably find you spend the same if not more time with your pet than anyone else and losing a pet can be devastating.

Everyday there are reports of lost pets, some are stolen others simply escape from home and can not find their ways back. It is important to secure your home so this does not happen to you and your pet.

Finding lost pets can depend on luck but there are additional methods you can take to try and track down lost pets.

  • Make sure you have checked every possible place in your home and garden to rule out if your pet has simply curled up somewhere.
  • Talk to neighbors and friends and see if they have seen your pet or hear if anyone has found any lost pets
  • Hand out leaflet or flyers, try to have as much detail as possible including a recent photo of your lost pet so people can see exactly what it looks like
  • Report lost pets to your local vets providing them also with a photo and description.
  • Contact your local animal shelters and ask if any lost pets have been handed in around the time your pet was missing.
  • Keep checking the same places over and over again as your pet could return to a place you may have already looked.
  • Ask local kids if they have seen your pet, if you offer any sort of reward never say how much until your pet has been found safe and sound.

There are many ways in which you can prevent your pet becoming lost most are obvious yet we forget to do them, these include

  • Make your home and garden more secure by putting up pet proof wings
  • Make sure all your gates are locked at all times
  • Never let your pet roam around the neighborhood alone
  • Provide your pet with a collar and a tag which clearly states the pets name address and a contact phone number.
  • Consider having a micro chip implant, this would have to be done by your local vet and is a pain free way of tracking your pet and has helped find may lost pets.

Although losing a pet can be disturbing there are so many ways to prevent this from happening and ways to find them should they still become lost, not all make it home but a huge major do. The most important thing is to try and prevent this from happening in the first place as this will keep your pets safe and save you a lot of heartache.