Aion Spiritmaster Guide – Guide to Aion Spiritmaster Leveling

Are you in a need to start leveling your Aion spiritmaster character? If you want to power level your character, then it’s a need to keep in your mind only 2 things.

You are in a need to keep in your mind where you should go and what quests you should take. If you do any of this wrong, it will cost you lots of time.

Level Your Aion Spiritmaster By Choosing The Best Places Only

Alright, so your first step would be to pick out the best place to level. But, how can you find this out? Well, it’s very simple… A good place where you can level extremely fast should have 2 things. It should have lots of quests and it should have a short distance from north to south.

If you landed on a place that says yes to both things, then it’s high likely that it will be a good place to level. However, it’s you got to say no to those 2 things, then you must move on and find other places.

Level Your Aion Spiritmaster By Accepting The Good Quests Only

So now you’ve got yourself a good place to level, now it’s time for you to pick out the good quests only. To do this, you will need to spot a “junk” quest. These quests are basically made to waste your time and to start power leveling a spiritmaster, you will need to avoid such quests.

There’s only 1 way to spot a junk quest. You can spot it by estimating the time it takes. Once you think that this quest will take you 10 or 15 minutes, then it’s a need to drop it.

But now, you want to power level, right? How to get all these information without spending hours on doing research?

Start Leveling Your Spiritmaster By Using an Aion Leveling Guide

In order to get all these information without spending hour after hour doing research, it’s highly recommended to use an Aion leveling guide.

Such guides have already gathered all the information about where to go, what quests to pick out, what to kill, what items to get and who to talk to and they will give it to you in a step by step 1-50 leveling guide.