How to Trim Your Dog Toenails

Trim your dog toenails is a part of the grooming process but easily forgotten by most of us.

It is important to trim the toenails otherwise they will be over grown and archhed; it will hurt the dog feet.

We may think that if we walk the dog often enough, their toenails should be automatically filed down. This may be true provided you are walking them regularly and on rough surface.

But some dogs have what it called a dew claw. This is a special toenail or claw growing inside the paw and does not touch the ground so you definitely have to trim it else it will grow into a curve nail and may even poke its paw.

So how do you go about trimming the dog toenails?

Most dogs are not comfortable with this trimming process so the best way to go about it is to start when they are young puppies.

You can start by getting the puppy comfortable in either a sitting or lying down position. Play with it by holding onto its paws and use your fingers to touch the toenails. And slowly introduce the special dog nail clipper or trimmer by showing it to the puppy. Repeat this process a few times and over a few days until both you and the puppy are ready to trim the toenails.

I must emphasize that this process of getting your puppy used to your holding its paws and the sight of the toenail trimmer is very important. Otherwise, you will be struggling with your puppy and when you cut into its veins and it bleeds, the puppy will be scares or paranoid when the next time you Touches its paw.

So how much should you trim the toenails?

If the puppy toenails are white then it is easy to see the veins inside and you should trim slightly below it. It may be easier to trim bit by bit if you are not sure.

If the puppy toenails are black and you can not see the veins, then you have no choice but to trim it bit by bit and look into the inside or circumference of the toenail. Continue trimming it if it is entirely white.

There are also a few types of toenail trimmer. The typical ones look like a pair of scissors but there are new trimmers that are even battery operated but they do make a grinding noise due to the motor so it make irritate your puppy.

Finally, when you hear clicking or scratching sound when your puppy or dog is walking then it is time to have its toenails trimmed.