Act Emo

Different people define emo in different way but originally it was associated with a type of music. But now the definition has extended beyond the music and turned it into a way to dress and other perspectives of life. To live the life of emo has become the fashion for many in this generation, which is resented by many people that represents the group of wise and old people.

To be emo there are certain factors that should be emphasized and they are you should be skinny and if you are not then you need to reduce your weight. Next is your appearance. Black or brown dyed hair styled in messy with horn-rim/thick black frames/cat eyeglasses will give a partial emo looks. Tight, faded shirts with random slogans together with tight pants and black or blue converse shoes will enroll you in officially emo group. Other accessories like A silver necklace with a star charm, scarves Black messenger bag covered in patches and pin will add bonus to your emo look.

If you are ready with your emo fashion then get ready to change your Internet life first by altering the screen name that does not focus emo in you instead you give a sadder name. You can take the help of collecting emo name from emo screen name generator and then apply your new writing skills to use by having conversations with other random emo people you’ve met online. There are many sites as well as emo bands message boards where you can meet emo guys. They are all pretentious.

To become fully emo you need to sound mysterious and secretive. You must also share your emo music to everyone you know and show your anger if they do not like and show your madness when they do like it and try to share it with other people. Shift yourself from non-vegetarian to vegetarian, which is a very important requirement to become emo. There is another food habit that you need to follow and that is eating only the red ones when eating M&M’s. You need to be pretentious. Lie if necessary. Take some unusual and uncommon snap of any thing and open them up in photo shop. You can take your snap also and it is possible only if you possess a digital camera. It will look unique if you take the snap of your eye or ear and opening them up in the photo shop not forgetting to blur them. Such activities will display your sense of art.