Names for Pets

Pets of all kinds make wonderful companions. It gives the pet owner immense pleasure to watch his pet frolic and have fun. Studies have shown that, pets can provide their owners with a lot of health benefits. Once you own a pet, there lies the tough task of naming it. Animals usually respond well to one or two syllable names. Don’t choose lengthy names, the name must be easy to call out. If you own a dog, avoid names that sound similar to commands like “no,” “stay,” “sit,” or “fetch,” as the animal might get confused between similar sounding words.

You can name your pet based on its breed. For a German Shepard, you can hunt for a good German name, while a Poodle can be given a French name. Another way of naming it would be to watch its activities for a week. If it turns out to be energetic and playful you could probably call it Frisky or Bubbly.

Choose names that have some meaning, also don’t go in for the clichéd ones like Kitty and Doggy. Some of popular names for pets include Max, Buddy, Misty, Lucky, Buster, Charlie, Whiskers, Fluffy, Rusty and Sandy. Max is a name that can be given to any pet. It means large spring. A pet that is grey in color can be called Smokey, while a pet that is brown in color can be called Rusty. A pet that constantly breaks your things can be called Buster, if you have a good sense of humor. A girl once named a rabbit “Don Juan” after he ate a copy of that book on his first night in the house.

You can also draw inspiration from cartoons and comic books to name your pet. Owning a pet that is pure white in color is really wonderful. You could name it “Snowy” like the one in the Tintin series. If you feel your pet is worth a million dollars you could probably name him what Riche Rich named his dog, “Dollar.”