Turn Each Car to Be Repaired Into an Advertisement For Your Business

If you run a car repair business you have a duty to your customers to take good care of their cars while you are repairing them. That does not just apply to the inner workings either – it applies just as much to what you see on the outside.

So just imagine how impressed your customers will be if you use a wide range of top quality items such as car seat covers and floor mats to ensure their car comes back to them in great condition. What's more, these items are not just your everyday cheap plastic covers; they're made of the same recyclable material as your reusable bags are!

You may be surprised to learn that the hard wearing material used to make those bags can also be put to good use to protect your customers' cars while you are repairing them. Made of non woven polypropylene (or NWPP for short) the covers and floor mats are not only hard wearing and non-porous, they are also recyclable.

This is a great advert for your business, since it marks you out as someone who cares for the environment. Just think, you'll be buying far less protective covers and floor mats and spending less money in the process. And you'll also be reducing the amount of cheap plastic covers you send to the landfills!

When your tough and long lasting protective items do ever wear out (which takes quite some time!) There are recycling facilities that will collect them, melt them down and turn them into something else. So their life still goes on even when you are finished with them.

But as the case with eco friendly bags made from NWPP, you can also promote your business on every car seat cover, floor mat and guard cover you use. Cheap plastic mats and covers not only clog up landfills after just one use, they also do not give you the option to promote your business.

So just imagine the impact a brightly colored and eye catching seat cover and matching floor mat, printed with your business logo and details for everyone to see, will have!

It's not hard to see why so many car repair businesses are going green and refusing to buy any more of those plastic covers. The top quality recyclable covers may be more expensive initially but they last far longer and reduce the amount of waste you will send to the landfills to zero! Now that's an impressive reduction.

Do not forget you could even add a slogan to your covers and floor mats if you wish. If you want to promote the fact that you are going green with this product, why not say so on the item itself?

In short, no matter how long you have been in business you will always benefit from promoting yourself. And what better way to do it than with a stunning promotional set of matching protective seat covers and floor mats? Your customers are bound to be impressed!