The Best Linux For PS3 Program is Here!

The best Linux for PS3 is here! What does it do? What can not it do is a better question! Now you can install Linux on your PS3 and in a way that does not void your warranty. What this will do is turn your PS3 into a multi-tasking computer … even more, you can even run Microsoft Windows on it as an OS as well, and then you have a PC! Do you see the implications yet? Think about it. For example …

You can go online with your PS3, download any PC games or even PC applications, more PS3 games and even games from other platforms, like Nintendo, even the good old ones! Downloading and playing movies is of course another awesome option. These and other things are what make this the best Linux for PS3 program out there! The incredible gaming abilities alone are simply killer, and the fact that you would in actuality have a Linux computer, even a PC, is just stupendous when you consider the amount of what could then be done, all from your little game system.

Is your space too small? Is your dorm room like a closet? Now you can have a multi-tasking Linux computer, a downloading movies / DVD repository, a fully functional Windows PC, and of course one of the best gaming systems on the planet, all on your little PS3 game system – talk about saving space! Installing the best Linux for PS3 also does not interfer in any way with normal game playing, or in any PS3 upgrades you might ever need in the future, nor would any of the upgrades interfere with the Linux installation.