Performing a Bathroom Faucet Repair

Making a bathroom faucet repair is pretty straightforward. You just need a few minutes and a Philips screwdriver and you can fix the leak without even the need for a plumber.

As with all things, faucets do become brittle and will ever crack as time goes by. This along with constant usage will eventually cause leaks. Normally these leaks are just minor and average about a drop a minute. However, we do not notice that if this continues, you are actually wasting a lot of water in the process. Some of us even tighten the head, thinking that it might stop the leak. Actually what this does is just increase the wear and tear and can even damage your faucet.

So let's now go to the steps you will take to start your bathroom faucet repair.

1. Start by turning the water off. Not just turning the cap but you must shut off the valve itself. This is normally seen underneath your faucet.
2. Remove the faucet cap with your Philips screwdriver and then remove the handle from the fixture as well. Make sure not to handle this very carefully as not to scratch the surface. Also make sure you do not force you screwdriver, otherwise you might end up with a loose thread and will require other tools.
3. Remove the nut from under the handle and unscrew the remaining rod and stem.
4. Clean out any debris from the cavity and make sure to replace it if it's heavily corroded.
5. Remove the screw holding the washer in place and take out the washer.
6. Make sure to find a washer that matches your bathroom faucet's model.
7. Finally once you have bought some new materials, insert the new washer, replace the screw and insert stem in the middle of all of them, turning it counter clockwise until it locks.
8. Once everything is in place, you may then reattach the handle and snap it into place.

The bathroom faucet repair should take care of the leak most of the time. Sometimes, your washer seat might be heavily damaged and will still cause your water to leak. When this happens, consider finding a new washer seat or just hire a professional plumber for some advanced cases.