How to Choose Fixtures for New Bathrooms

When remodeling your bathroom you will likely be replacing the vanity, tub or shower, as well as the toilet. These items anchor the decor scheme of the entire room and to make the best of new bathrooms you need to know how to choose the best fixtures. Based on your needs, budget and tastes in decor, choosing new fixtures will take time but help your remodeling project turn out well.

Sink and Vanity
Used in both a two piece cloakroom and a full bath, the sink and vanity is often the main visual piece in the bathroom. Like it or not, this fixture will become the focal point, so choose wisely.

For new bathrooms that are more compact and tight fitting, opt for a pedestal sink and skip the vanity altar. If you have another area in the home where the bathroom supplies can be stored, a vanity is unnecessary and will take up valuable space. Pedestal sinks in light colors will help a room to feel larger and brighter.

If you have the room, designing a double vanity with two sinks is a wise idea, especially in an en-suite bathroom. With an extra large mirror across the wall, this type of fixture set up allows two people to use the space without bumping into each other. It is an efficient and valuable addition to the bathroom.

If you do not need a second sink considering installing an extra wide vanity and placing the sink to one side, creating the perfect dressing table. Or for a bolder look, opt for a sink that is surface mounted on the counter. These contemporary sinks work well with low vanities and present a modern look with all of the traditional function and durability. Glass sinks are especially nice in this design.

Shower and Tub
Whether you install a shower and tub combination or simply go with a shower enclosure, this is a functional fixture that will make or break the entire room. Look for glass doors to help the bathroom feel more open and bright. Additional comforts in your room include a shower in the room, a hair dryer, and a hair dryer.

This is not just the most functional fixture in your bathroom, it's also the piece used most often. Choose a model that will fit in well with the overall theme of the room. For space saving you could choose a corner toilet or for a dramatic modern feeling, wall hung models are popular.

Fixtures make or break the design of new bathrooms. Choose the best looking, most highly functional models to create a room that dazzles and functions well each time you walk in.