Latest Direct Marketing Solution – Email Marketing with Desktop Alert

Email marketing solution provider dotMailer announced its technology partnership with the award winning push technology market leader Skinkers for new and existing clients on 1st May 2007.

Marketing experts think that this partnership is going to have a long lasting effect on the market and people can expect many similar deals in the future.

Email marketing has been a prime choice for marketers to reach the target market easily and within a moderate budget. They also use this method to sustain the existing customer base and update them about latest developments in the company.

However this technology partnership between these two corporations is going to expand the horizons of direct marketing in UK. dotMailer now will also offer Skinkers Alerts to reach the target market directly on the customers desktop.

Skinkers Desktop Alert is one of the most exciting communication channels that can take direct marketing strategies by storm if properly implemented. Industry insiders think that dotMailer’s professionals are working very well to come out with a perfect solution to use and incorporate effective email marketing strategies into Desktop Alert system. The information, in this process can also be sent directly to the handheld devices which further establish its uniqueness as well as timeliness.

To add to this, that clients can decide the actual time when the information should ideally reach the target audience in a specified format. The clients can also predetermine specific visitor segment along with display duration for the optimum use of the channel.

The messages that normally arrive as an alert in the selected devices like PC, Laptop, BlackBerry or mobile phones, can also be redirected from one device to another if the message is not acknowledged to be seen or read for a set period of time.

“It is always a win-win situation for the client” says a direct marketing expert as, “now they can ensure that the messages reach the target audience this way or the other and the audience reads it – the mode is now wide open for the clients as well as the audience to choose from”.

Along with it the clients now can reach directly to the niche market segment based on the permissions from the receivers or the audience. This makes the marketing standpoint of the clients more precise, trustworthy and upholds brand value.

This latest direct marketing strategy also helps to maintain the applicable laws and guidelines in UK.