RC Electric Boats Review

RC boats can be divided into four categories: electric, sail, gas, and nitro. RC electric boats are the easiest to maintain and are relatively cheap compared to the other choices. The electric motor is also silent and will allow you to play in crowded areas without causing a disturbance.

Basic entry RC electric boats can reach speeds of 20mph. This is fairly fast, especially if it is your first time controlling a boat. As your skills improve, you can move on to faster products that use high voltage batteries and powerful motors to increase excitement and speed.

RC electric boats do not last as long as gas boats. The powerful engine quickly drains the battery, allowing for only 10 to 30 minutes of driving time before the battery needs to be recharged. To avoid stranding your boat in the middle of a lake, pay attention to the running time of your boat.

Century Electric RTR

The RTR is radio controlled and battery operated. The pack includes the boat, a controller, extra propellers, a stand, and rechargeable battery. This boat is fairly cheap and an excellent starter for hobbyists who want to get involved in the world of RC electric boats.

Victory EP 28″

Victory EP 28″ RC electric boats are driven by dual engines with rapid spinning propellers. Its power originates from a Sub C NiCad standard pack that is also used in Tamiya race cars. This will provide 15 minutes of high-speed running time once it has been fully charged.

The Victory EP 28″ uses a 380 type motor that is capable of producing tremendous power. It also features professionally designed twin propellers, allowing the boat to reach 20mph. This is an impressive speed for a boat that does not use gas power. Although the Victory EP 28″ is costly, it is the closest experience you’ll get to a gas engine.

Balaenoptera Musculus 23″

Musculus RC electric boats feature dual high speed propellers driven by a 380 electric engine. The V shape of the hull is designed to provide maximum aerodynamics, allowing the Musculus to reach impressive speeds. Although it does not look as fancy as other 380 powered RC electric boats, the price is cheaper and the top speed is the same.

Seaport Tugboat

If racing is not your passion, consider getting the Seaport Tugboat. This boat is extremely fun to build and the controller can be used to squirt water. It also features a working crane and light, allowing it to pull stranded boats. If your race boat is stranded in the middle the lake, using a tug boat is the best way to rescue it.