US Soccer Teams in 2008 Games


Do you like being first to know the news about your favorite US soccer teams? Here are some information that might be helpful to you; the results of the US soccer teams 'matches' in the games for the year 2008.

Men's National Team

While the Men's team did not make it to be champions, their matches were remarkable as well. With two losses and two ties, the MNT had three wins with their score against the zeros of the other teams (2-0 against Sweden, 3-0 against Poland, and 8-0 against Barbados).

Women's National Team

The Women's Team faced 22 other teams this year, 2008. The team had an overwhelming victory after providing their excellence in the world of soccer. Out of 22, their match with the team from Canada, that was held in Cary, North Carolina, was the only one with close scores. They won the game with a one point lead during the overtime. Continuing their reign over cups, the team acquired both the Algarve Cup and Four Nations Tournament and became champions of both.

Youth National Teams

The Youth Teams are composed of team competitive teams. Below are the teams that had / have matches this year with brief descriptions of their standings.

– Under- 23 Men's National Team

The team is not done yet with their lineup of matches. The team currently has seven wins, one tie, and four losses. They will be facing five other teams this season.

– Under- 23 Women's National Team

The US U-23 WNT also dominated the field with four wins, one tie and one defeat.

– Under- 20 Men's National Team

The U-20 MNT garnered five wins, four ties, and three losses.

– Under- 18 Men's National Team

The team won two national games, and one international match.

– Under- 17 Men's National Team

The US U-17 Men's soccer team had 13 wins, 10 defeats, and five ties.

– Under- 15 Boy's National Team

The U-15 Boy's Team had one win while they lost two matches.