Adding Color to Your Home Decor


For many years, a neutral color scheme was an easy way to decorate. Most of the wall colors, furnishings and accessories were beige or white. While this is functional, many become bored with this look. Color can revitalize a home décor.

It is important to try to use items already in your home. Children love to use color in their artwork. Follow their example. In fact, you can use your child's artwork by using a thin black frame and a clean white mat. This creates a minimalist look that is the perfect showcase for color and art. Multi-colored baskets can be displayed in the kitchen. Another perfect way to decorate is to show off exquisite china.

Brightly colored paint can add vitality a ho-hum room. Try adding an orange color block to a neutral living room. A designer's trick is to leave strip of the original wall colors to soften the bold new color. The strips also act as a frame and add to the boring mood of the room.

There are many other painting techniques that can be used. One wall can be painted a vibrant color to give a focal point to a room. Sponge painting creates a mottle pattern, like soft clouds. A base coat is applied which is then allowed to dry. Then a sponge is dipped in glaze and dab the paint. It creates a spotted pattern. Ragging, marbling, dragging and combing are other painting techniques to consider.

Accessories can add color and interest to a room. Vases, flowers, drawer pulls, quilts, ceramics, lampshades, shimmery pillows, and paintings are just a few of the interesting ways to add color. Abstract art typically is filled with bright colors and original shapes. Also, consider the ordinary such as fruit. A crystal cake stand can be a stunning display for lemons, apples, or oranges.

Area rugs are the perfect way to add color to your home décor. Area rugs can provide a wide a room into 2 distinct areas. They can unite a color scheme in a room by incorporating complimentary colors into the design of the rug. The rich colors of a Persian or an Oriental rug can readily provide the focus and necessary boost of color that a room needs. Area rugs can also offer soft texture and comfort as they protect hardwood floors.

Windows furnishings are an economic way to add color to interior decoration. The selection of patterns and fabric is sure to accommodate any design scheme. Some examples of curtain styles include the valance, shirred curtains, tie-back curtains and café curtains. A dual advantage with window furnishing is that you can add color and texture to a room. For example, tie-back curtains are dramatically draped to one side and the rope and tassel can also provide interest.

It is easy to add color to your home décor. Paint, accessories, area rugs and window furnishing are all economic ways to reenergize your home. Color can change the ambiance of a room. It also gives alluring depth and interest to a room.