Japanese Home Decor – Balanced and Graceful

Japanese home decor is a little bit more than plain decorating a living space. It is about achieving a feeling of balance in the universe. This process is known as Zen, which is essential in true Japanese home decor. With minimalism in furnishing the Japanese home decor embraces space, and uses it as a way of balancing the Yin and Yang.

Less is always more when it comes to Japanese home decor. The same principle goes to color or lack thereof – Japanese interiors are usually a blend of neutral and natural colors, which will provide a simple background. Black is considered a necessary element in the color palette, but it is used more for defining form and aligning structures more than for actual color. Since black does not clash with anything, the Japanese culture uses it as part of bringing a harmonious feel to a room. Vivid colors are used, but generally only in a single form. If you select a red piece of art, do not mix it on the same wall with another vivid color. A colorful piece is mean to stand out as a focal point of the room. If you use the same color in other parts of the room, the original piece will lose its potency.

Instead of mixing different colors together, you can select contrasting finishes and textures for various items – this is how you can achieve an integral part of balancing. Japanese home decor has many textures such as long grained cedar wood, rice paper, lacquer, bamboo, wicker, and beautiful fabrics of different silks.

To add objects with an Eastern influence to your Japanese home decor, you can try a few of the classic and beautiful bits and pieces. A finely made kimono can add art to a room without any effort at all, because a Japanese kimono is considered to be the canvas of the Japanese artist. Wedding kimonos and fans are considered extremely valuable and decorative. Even hanging a kimono on a clothing stand or decorative bar can make a statement in any room with Japanese home decor.

A wide sash worn with a kimono is called an obi – it can make an excellent table runner or be framed as a piece of art. If you are looking for something a bit more unique, you can group a collection of obis behind your bed to make a fabulous headboard. A Keyaki is a gorgeous antique door that can be used as a desk top, or coffee table top. Lastly, a cake keg can double as a plant holder. Depending on the size, you could also use it as a vase, end table, or lamp base.

If you want your home to look unique and exotic, choose Japanese home decor style. Your imagination and widespread eastern influence can help you create a room that is both beautiful and well-balanced.