5 Fun Bridal Shower Games

A part of every bride-to-be's schedule is having her bridal shower. A bridal shower is a tradition originated in the United States and generally practiced in US and Canada. Bridesmaids or the bride's friends and close female relatives are usually the one's in-charge for this as a gift giving party for the bride before her wedding. This occasion means a lot for everyone as every bridal shower means fun exclusively for girls.

The bridal shower's theme depends on the interest of the bride. It is because everyone has to bring her own gift to offer to the bride. It could have a shower, a bathroom shower, a tea party; the popular pamper-the-bride shower and so on. Aside from this, every bridal shower also needs a good icebreaker, as not every guest knows each other. With this, everyone gets the chance to know and be comfortable with each other as time passes by.

There are lots of bridal games often played in events like this. Games vary depending on the bridal shower theme. If you'll base it on the theme and how fun it brings to the guests, the top five bridal shower games would be playing a bingo, scavenger purse hunt, making a toilet paper wedding dress, clothespin game, and making some arts and crafts .

In playing a bingo game, you need bingo boards (you can create or buy one), marks and about 3 to 4 prize items. First, you have to pass the boards to guests and ask them to fill the blanks about the gifts, which they think the bride will receive during the bridal shower. When the time comes that the bride has to open the gifts, instruct the guests to mark off all the items that are right. When someone wins as it marked about five items in a row, she gets a prize.

To begin a clothespin game you have to give everyone a clothespin upon her arrival and have to pin it visibly on her clothes. After that, you have to pick a keyword and tell everyone about the rules. Rules can be "no one can cross her legs" for the entire occasion or "no one can use the keyword" in describing the gift the bride receives. If someone catches a guest breaking the rules, she can run over and take that person's clothespin. The person with the most number of clothespins in her clothes wins the prize.

Scavenger purse hunt and toilet paper wedding dress are done in groups. In purse hunt, everyone should choose about three things in their purse. Then you have to grade it by points, common things such as lipsticks can be graduated five points and the rare items are of much higher value. The group who has accepted most number of points wins. In making toilet paper wedding dress, the groups are given sufficient time and rolls of toilet papers in doing the task. At the end, the bridal committee will be the one to decide on who made the most wonderful dress made of toilet paper.

Making some arts and crafts is for those who want to have a memory of the event. Do these by sharing some advice in married life or recipe tips and let the advisee explain it to others. After that, let the maid of honor gather all the pages and convert it into a scrapbook.