Different Variations of Chess Games

Chess, while an incredibly intense game for those involved, can often bore spectators to tears. Many times, with no limits on what is happening, players can take hours trying to decide the best move to make. This is usually unfeasible for any normal game and for certain Chess tournaments, is forbidden. In this case, each player generally has a certain amount of time to make a move in every turn. However, other variations of Chess do exist which also place time limits on the length of the game. All of these new variations can be quite a challenge to players, some vastly more than others.

One of the most difficult Speed ​​Chess games which can be played is called Bullet Chess. In this game, each side has only one minute to play their own half of the game. At the end of one minute, if neither side has won, the entire points on the board are total up and the player with more points in consideration to be the winner. The rankings for points are generally determined by using the standard points systems for pieces, with Pawns being worth one, Knights and Bishops worth 3, Kings are generally given a rank of 4, Rooks are worth 5 points, and the Queen is worth 9. At the end of Bullet Chess, if neither side has captured the King, this system is generally used to determine which side accomplished more.

Other forms of Speed ​​Chess are not as intense, however. The form that is generally referred to as Blitz Chess allows players to take up to 5 minutes to play their half of the game, so while still an intensely fast game, there is a little room for some strategic planning that Bullet Chess typically does not allow . Blitz Chess is often found at many different Chess tournaments, as it is a highly-paced, intense game that still requires the playing out of strategy and tactics. Fast Blitz is a combination of Bullet and Blitz, generally giving each player 3 minutes to finish their half of play. All of these styles push players to their limits and learning to do well at these often takes time.

One very unique form of Chess that is gaining popularity is actually called Chess Boxing. This innovative hybrid sport actually takes the game of Chess and blends it with the sport of Boxing, having the players compete against each other in alternating rounds. Born in early 2003, the game was based on fictional accounts of the sport written by Enki Bilal, a French comic book writer. Iepe Rubingh, inspired by these accounts, organized a competition enacting it out.

Players for the game must both be talented boxers and Chess players, for the game moves quickly from one round to the other. This game usually begins with a 4 minute round of Chess followed by a 2 minute round of Boxing, then switching back and forth until a victory is declared. Only one minute is granted between the rounds, forcing all of the players to remain in top condition, both physically and mentally alert. While this version of Chess is rare, it can be exciting to watch and even to play for players who feel up to the challenge!