Chair Casters


Did you know that employers in the United States spend more than seven billion dollars to compensate for work-related injuries, including cumulative trauma disorders arising from struggling with immobile workplace furniture? If you are such a business owner, then do not be alarmed – the simplest solutions often work. Adding chair masters to your office chairs may be all you need to do to lessen your employees' stress and improve their productivity.

Smooth-wheeling chair casters can allow your employees to multitask without strain – they can go from working on the computer to answering the phone to sliding to their files with just a slight push, without ever getting up. Best of all, chair casters make it easier to pull in and out of a chair – your employees never have to lift the chair and risk pulling a muscle.

There are many kinds of casters, but the two most important distinctions are carpet casters and hard-flooring casters. Your choice should obviously depend on what type of flooring you have in your office.

Carpet casters are designed to roll on softer surfaces and do not wear out the carpeting as easily as casters designed for hard flooring do. Experts recommend that you use tread caster wheels with polyurethane crown for this purpose. The crowns on these types of casters allow optimum rolling on carpeted surfaces. These casters are also very good for swiveling, because they rotate much more easily than flat-tread wheels. If you are looking for casters made for hard flooring, on the other hand, one of your best bets would be caster wheels made with phenolic resin. These casters glide perfectly on flat concrete and even on hardwood flooring.

There are many chair caster vendors over the Internet who are willing to give you substantial discounts if you buy in bulk. Some office supply manufacturers also sell chair casters. You can likewise have casters built into your office chairs even before you buy them. Make sure that the casters are securely placed but are at the same time easy to remove for easier replacement.