Prevention Crime In The Garden


Do not neglect to protect your shed which will probably contain your lawnmower and garden equipment and tools. Sheds are a major security risk, the opportunist thief who finds them filled with expensive tools may not only steal them but also use them to break into your house or garage. Consider good quality shed alerts and fit a lock which can not be easily removed.

Garden Ornaments etc

Although gardens and their contents can never be completely secure an external movement detector which is not activated by small animals or normal wildlife can prevent the theft of garden ornaments and plants, as well as making it difficult for a thief or burglar to get close to your house . Garden alerts are a worthwhile investment.

Safety tips to help prevent burglary

  • Mark your initials and post code on to all items that a burglar may wish to steal from your property, including outside items like garden furniture and ornaments.
  • Put away ladders and patio furniture when not in use because burglars will use these to reach upstairs windows.
  • Fit external lighting that is turned on by a movement sensor to help protect your property during hours of darkness.
  • If possible have a gravel path around your house, burglars do not like these because they make a noise when walking on them.
  • Many garden plants can be a useful deterrent to burglars who try to access your garden and below is a list which make good garden borders:
  • Hawthorn
  • Holly
  • Gorse
  • Pyracantha
  • Blackberry Brambles
  • Roses

The cost of replacing old garden tools with new tools is considerable; money spent on safeguarding them can be thought of as a good investment. Taking stock of the way in which you security mark your property, tidy away ladders and plant deterent plants is a very cost effective initiative that all home owners are advised to undertake as a preventative measure.