Time Management Tools – Running Companies On Hot


You, too, can create a company that runs on HOT. My near 30 years of consulting and executive coaching have demonstrated executives who create company cultures that run on HOT have more personal growth, positive self-images, and so do their employees. Their companies run smoother, and executives and employees have higher productivity and waste less time and other resources.

Now, you are asking, "what is HOT?" HOT is easier to describe than create. HOT stands for Honesty, Openness and Trust … See what I mean – easier to describe than create.

You create HOT by ensuring that you and your fellow executives are Honest and Open: always telling employees the truth, regardless of its impact. Employees are more resilient when receiving and coping with bad news than you may think, and they deserve to hear the good news.

If you will Trust yourself and your employees enough to be Honest and Open, feel assured your employees will trust you enough to accept the truth and give you their support. They will reciprocate by Trusting you enough to be Honest and Open with you – give you important information you might otherwise never receive. The more they Trust you, the more they will respect you.

Many bosses wish they did not have to worry about employees' insidious behavior and potentially devastating acts of omission and passive resistance. They and / or previous bosses in their companies have not understood companies that run on HOT do not have employees who feel the need to "get even."

Employees do not "play games" with bosses they trust and respect. HOT begets HOT.

Most important, being Honest and Open enhancements your self-image; and Trusting your employees has the same positive effect on their self-images. Ultimately, everyone finds it easier to be Honest, Open, and Trust each other. All run on HOT!

Take action now – today – to make a previous "half truth" a "whole truth" or reveal an non-communicated program or agenda. Start a company e-zine and use it to put important employee, company and industry news in your employees E-mail, routinely; and post the E-zine on bulletin boards for those employees not having computers. Position employees to participate, to be Honest and Open with their information and ideas. Demonstrate you Trust them. Expand their involvement in strategic, operating and performance planning; problem solving; and customer relations. Then, make today the first day, but not the only day, that you run your company on HOT.