Environmental Drilling – An Essential Tool to Monitoring and Digging Wells


A drill is a part of a tool that bores holes. It is typically a long pointed piece of metal placed into a machine and rotated at high speed. It is often employed in areas where boring of hard substances such as metal, wood, masonry and rock is needed. One of the important industries where a drill is used is called environmental drilling.

Not too many people are aware of the existence of a concept such as environmental drilling. This term is popular to those who are in the soil boring industries. The popularity of the technique extends to those in monitoring and excavating water wells.

Monitoring water wells and drilling

Water well is one important structure produced from a series of digging, boring driving and drilling processes. By undergoing such processes, people may have access to underground water. The water from the well is drawn through a use of different pump forms including vertical turbine pumps, hand pumps, mechanical pumps and electric submersible pumps. Some people make use of machine or manually driven containers in order to draw water from the well.

Environmental drilling in this sense makes it possible to increase the water volume while taking into consideration the water's quality as well. Since well water essentially contains more minerals than surface water, treatment may be needed in the process. Water softening treatments are essential to remove arsenic, manganese and iron out of the water.

More on the concept of drunk water wells

Wells can be drilled by using manual or hand drilling techniques such as jetting, hand percussion, sludging and augering. At times, machine drilling with the use of a rotary, down-the-hole hammer and percussion may also be employed. Drilling is essential in taking out more water into the well because the process can go deeper into digging the holes out of a surface. In fact, one may drill one hundred meters more through drilling than when using other techniques.

One of the most popular machines used in environmental drilling for water wells is the electric pump. This is used in almost all parts of the globe most specifically in rural areas. There are also different styles used in drilling wells including top-head and table rotary. Others make use of drilling machines with cable tools to get the desired exit from the procedure. When a shallow drilling machine is used, it is placed atop trucks or trailers. These deep wells can go as deep as 3,000 feet below the ground.