Holiday Craft Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is not far away and there are plenty of things that you can get the kids making for the occasion to keep them busy. Here are just a couple of holiday craft ideas.

Pumpkin candle holders: You do not need huge pumpkins for these, in fact lots of smaller ones are more fun. Carefully slice the top off your pumpkin (this should be done by an adult as a large sharp knife is needed) and get the kids by the sink or a bowl to scoop out the flesh. Do not throw it away as you can either roast it as a veg to go with your holiday meal or to make a wonderful soup with a bit of orange and cumin. Now get the older kids to cut out eyes, nose and a big toothy mouth with a small sharp knife. Insert a candle or t-light and put the lid back on.

You can put these in your window so that people passing by can see them or just put them on the table to light on the night or make a wire handle so you can carry them when you're trick or treating.

Witch's or wizard's hat: You'll need a semi-stiff black card (you must be able to bend and fold it), glue, scissors and a pair of compasses for this. If you have not got compasses then you can use a drawing pin, piece of string and a pencil.

Measure the head you want the hat to fit with a piece of string and draw a circle to the right size. About half an inch inside that circle draw another one and about two inches outside the first circle draw a third one. Cut all the way around the outer circle then cut out the center at the inner circle then every inch or so snip a line to the middle circle. Bend the snippet beats upwards and you will later be able to glue the brim of your witch's hat to the main piece.

To make the main part of the hat, put your compass or drawing pin with string attached in the corner of the card and draw a quarter circle which will be enough enough to fit the head when folded plus enough for a seam. Cut along the line of the quarter circle and gently form the card into a cone to check the fit. Glue the cone into shape then put glue on the outside of the bits you turned up on the brim and stick them inside the cone. Leave to dry and you have your witch's or wizard's hat. Decorate with silver stars or cats if you like.