Pixel Animation Services

Of course, a variety of important pixel animation tools is of much help to an animation designer. However, the person himself should be creative and talented to create high-quality animations.

Some of the most popular features of pixel animation include: multiple frames for an animation, multiple layers with an alpha blending, real-time preview in editing, various painting, drawing, selecting, rotating, stretching and scrolling tools, also there is usually a possibility to adjust colors, grayscale, various effects. While using the pixel animation tools one can make gradations, remove unused colors, unite duplicate colors, uniform colors from multiple files. Batch conversion, GIF optimization, confirming a file size and an image quality of JPEG, outputting an animation as multiple files or a combined file, import of multiple files as one image, support of SusiePlugin, acquiring an image from a TWAIN, printing of multiple frames, browsing, customization of shortcut keys are all features, present in most modern pixel animation tools .

Naturally, each existing pixel animation tool is good for solving a particular problem and has its advantages and disadvantages. Certain experienced users prefer the Opencanvas pixel animation tool for the high resolution. The disadvantage of the tool is, however, that it is only in Japanese. Others prefer Adobe Photoshop because of the possibility to make tricks with multiple layers. A good combination of pixel animation tools is Adobe Photoshop and Animshop. Still others prefer Flash 8 Professional tool, which gives a possibility to export to frames and avi files.

Pixel animation is a fast growing area and a kind of a job, which can be outsourced. Lots of outsourcing companies offer their pixel animation services along with web development, copywriting and software development services. Offshore companies have all the necessary pixel annimation tools at their disposal – and mainly, talented and creative designers willing to assist you in your pixel animation matter.