Assemble the Ultimate PC Toolkit

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Now, if you're like me whenever you're working on computers you just can not seem to find the right tool for the job, whether it's a flat head screw driver or a pair of tweezers, it's some way magically goes missing in that time of need. Maybe I'm just not appreciating them right, but I swear all my tools go missing whenever I need them, or maybe the fact that they're scattered all over the house does not really help. This guide is going to show you how to assemble the ultimate pc toolkit so you will not have to deal with some of the problems that I do. Your ultimate PC toolkit will be ready to take care of any computer hardware task, and most electrical related task you can throw at it.

Notice: Make sure you get tools that are demagnetized, because they can cause problem with circuit boards and sensitive magnetized parts like hard drives.

Required Tools

  1. A bag to keep all your tools. It does not have to be big, just make sure it is not too small and is easy to lug around. You can even use those roll up pocket things that you slide all your tools into and then roll it up and it stores easy, I'm sure that'll work pretty good provided you do not have really really fat tools.
  2. Tweezers . This is one of the most important tools you could possibly have, they're handy for picking small tiny things up in small tiny places. Now you will not have to swear every time you drop a screw in the bottom of your computer case, just grab your hefty pair of tweezers and get it out, or maybe you set the jumpers on your hard drive, no need to worry about pulling out those jumpers, grab the tweezers and you'll have the jumpers set correctly in not time.
  3. Screwdrivers. Get a # 1 size screwdriver, that should help you out for the most part, but you'll need various sizes and shapes to keep up with your PCs screws, as a general rule because do not go too big, because most screws in computers are not that big. You'll definitely need Phillips and flat head shaped screw drivers, make sure you have a few that are extremely small, because sometimes you'll run into those pain in the ass tiny screws that are impossible to unscrew without a tiny ass screw driver.
  4. Tiny plastic box. This is a really handy thing to keep your unused screws in, unused jumpers, or anything extra and small that you have lying around. Sometimes I end up with extra screws after assembling a case, though I do not think that's expected to happen and I just throw them in a little baggy or a plastic box and keep them for later.
  5. Needle-nosed pliers. You can use these like tweezers for pulling out jumpers and stuff, but they have much better uses when working with wires, or trying to pull out that screw that you stripped while putting your motherboard in your case, they're also a lot more durable than tweezers so use these instead of tweezers if you have a tough task.
  6. Wire Cutter / Stripper. If you have a good pair of needle-nosed pliers chances are they already come with a standard wire cutter / stripper feature, but if you do not yourself a favor and get a dedicated tool. It offers more precision and care than when trying to do it with the pliers. These are handy for uh … cutting and stripping wires.
  7. Anti-static wrist strap. Much needed for fighting off the static electricity demons. You can never be too careful, and if you do not have an anti-static wrist strap at least make sure you ground yourself on the case before trying any computer work.

Optional Tools

  1. Ratchet driver set. Make sure you get a good ratchet driver set, you'll never know when you need it, it's not particularly useful when working on computers, because everything typically uses screws, but if you also do other electronic work it'll be really handy for that.
  2. Hex Keys. Again these will not be too useful on computers but other electronic parts like video game systems, radios, etc, can use any variety of hex keys. I put them in the optional section, because they're not too extremely useful on computer parts.
  3. Soldering iron and solder. This is very useful with working with wires, but make sure you know how to solder first, before going out to buy one. Soldering is used for joining wires and connecting circuit boards, so make sure you know what you're doing, because a soldering iron can get very hot.

These tools will help you accomplish a variety of tasks, so that way you will not have to go scrounging around the garage for that one socket wrench you know you left somewhere in there.