Sauna Steam Bath Comparison

Often people wonder which is better for them, the sauna or steam bath? In this article we are going to examine both and compare them. Firstly they both use heat. Heat raises your heart rate dilating the blood vessels now improving your blood circulation. Both make you sweat and as a result open your pores and clean your skin. However the degrees of heat vary from a steam bath to a sauna. This is where they begin to differ.

In a steam bath you have a moist heat resulting in more water in the air; the steam can be relaxing and stress relieving, even releasing toxins and free radicals that may allow for better overall health. Both saunas and steam baths relieve tension and relax the muscles.

If in the event you have respiratory problems the steam bath would be a better option for you. The moist heat helps to clear clogged sinuses and a stuffy nose. This can also benefit those with allergies. Because the steam bath does not get as hot, you may find it easier to breathe in.

The sauna on the other hand is in general a dry heat. This environment can get very hot. The sauna room has been known to reach temperatures of 175 degrees. This can be too hot for some and as a result make it difficult to breath.

In a sauna you will perspire heavily. A sauna provides a cardiovascular workout, it increases the metabolic rate and it also promotes healing by releasing natural pain killers, both provide you with health benefits, the difference between the two is the kind of heat and the level of heat. Your choice will depend on your own personal health and fitness goals and your level of comfort with either one.