Princess Theme Toy Box

As parents, we are more than happy to allow our children to enjoy the day, busy at play and developing her imagination and creativity in the process. There's only one rule: at the end of the day, even princesses need to put away the "royal" toys, lest the kingdom deteriorate into a "royal" mess.

But clean up becomes a little more fun with a Princess Theme Toy Box. Toy boxes keep everything nearly organized until the next "once upon a time". Large and roomy enough to hold an assortment of tea sets and all the bulky toys that will not fit on the shelf, they can make clean up incredibly easy. Just open the lid, and put things back in. Even very young children can manage that (and they should, because Queen Mothers have better things to do than continue pick up after her – that chore quickly becomes a "royal" pain).

However, the Princess Theme Toy Box is more than just a functional container. Painted in a bright and happy shade of pink – because we all know that princesses must love pink – it literally becomes a treasure box for all her most beloved playthings. The words "The Crown Jewels" are stenciled in the front, two beautiful tulips decorating the corners.

But there's more. The princess theme toy box doubles as a love seat. Soft purple cushions and spindle backing make it the perfect place to read a book or watch a favorite video. There's also room for another friend to sit next to her – where they can whisper the secrets that only princesses are allowed to know, or wait to rule the kingdom from the royal throne.

The princess theme toy box is constructed out of quality wood and handmade by skilled craftsmen who put careful attention to every detail. From the beautifully painted flowers to the adorable princess crown on the back rest, it is certainly "fit for a princess". No worries about any hidden peas, either – the soft purple cushions are as comfortable as a princess stores.

The princess theme toy box can be placed at the foot of the bed, out of everyone's way. It instantly adds a touch of whimsy and femininity to the room, and the design is not something she'll get sick of right away. In fact, even when she's outgrown her love for teddy bears and dolls, she'll treasure the princess theme toy box (everyone's a princess at heart). Instead of blocks and puzzles, she'll put photo albums, trinkets and accessories, prom dresses and other keepsakes of her youth. Years from now, she may even pass on that princess theme toy box to her own daughter – who will have her own adventures, her own day dreams, and this delightful treasure chest to hold her best memories.