Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix – Pro Gamer Edition Honest Review

There are countless numbers of Xbox 360 repair guides available on the Internet. Many competitive products offer essentially the same content; the only real differences come in the name and the price. In this honest review of "Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix; Pro Gamer Edition", you are going to learn if this particular repair guide is any better than the others on the market.

The "Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix; Pro Gamer Edition" makes the claim that you will be able to fix your Xbox 360 in under two hours. Seeing as this is the main sales point of the product, this claim was the first thing that would have to be investigated. Luckily, there was a broken Xbox 360 with the red ring of death lying out in the garage, so this became the test victim. Using the videos and audio files provided with the "Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix; Pro Gamer Edition" package, I attempted to carry out the repair method. One thing I noticed was that the method outlined in this repair guide seemed to be easier to carry out than ones in other repair guides. The videos were also of higher quality than most other products I have used. Using tools that I found around the house, and watching the video files more than once, it took me exactly one hour and twenty-three minutes to fix my broken Xbox 360. I was suitably impressed.

However, seeing as nothing's perfect, here's a round up of the less impressive features of "Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix; Pro Gamer Edition" –

1. The price of this guide is slightly more expensive than its closest rivals at $ 29 USD.

2. The purchase and information page is quite cluttered and distracting.

3. An automated pop up appears if you exit the page without buying. However, it is well worth reading through the message that appears as it has a special offer and interesting information.

Here's what else I did like about "Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix; Pro Gamer Edition" –

1. The repair method outlined is effective and easy to follow.

2. All the claims that were made on the purchase page were actually true in my case.

3. Customer support is excellent.

4. There is a 60-day money back guarantee.

5. I got to play my Xbox 360 again!

Overall, "Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix; Pro Gamer Edition" is the most comprehensive Xbox 360 repair guide that I have come across. The method works, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to fix a broken Xbox 360 and remove the red ring of death.