7 Top Reasons for Buying a PS3 Slim 120GB Console

The PS3 120GB model was first released in September 2009 at a price that is relatively cheap when compared to the original PlayStation 3 version. Here are my 7 top reasons why you should consider buying a PS3 120GB console.

1 . Small Size and Less Noisy The PS3 120GB console is 32% smaller and 36% lighter since the name "Slim". The console has a nice matt finish and is less noisy than the Xbox 360.

2. HD Support and High graphics Quality When connected to a HD output the console delivers great graphics quality both for gaming and film on TV. The console also supports a variety of HD output more than any other console. To connect the PlayStation 3 120GB slim console to your HD TV however you will need to buy a HDMI cable.

3. Great Game Title Selection There are "Hundred of titles to select from" whether you are looking for a multi-platform games title or a PS3 exclusive games title. Here are some of the great games titles that have been released Killzone 2, Fallout 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, Street Fighter, little big planet, Uncharted 2.

4. Blu-ray Technology The PS3 120GB console comes with a Blu-ray disc drive that allows you to play Blu-ray movies. The console also upscale DVD's to HD quality brings a breath of new life to your old DVD's (better than some up-scaling DVD players).

5. Free Online Service Joining the PSN network is free unlike the Xbox where you need to pay a yearly subscription. The PSN network allows you to download movies in HD, games, music, videos and even try out demo games before you buy it.

6. Great Multimedia Tool The PlayStation 3 120GB slim console is a great multimedia entertainment tool. Below are a list of things you can do with the console:

  • Watch blue ray movies, DVD etc
  • Play games
  • Import photographs, movies
  • Store music
  • Watch the BBC iPlayer on your TV
  • Play games online with others
  • Stream videos from your laptop
  • Create personal movies with Eyetoy.
  • Browse the internet (got an in-built Wi-Fi)
  • Playback files with the extensions mpeg / wmv via USB

7. No more Batteries Unlike the Wii and Xbox 360 controller, the PS3 120GB console controller is charged via a USB this cuts off the cost of regularly changing the batteries which can be very expensive. Considering the smaller design size, an in-built Blu-ray drive, the great multimedia capabilities among others, the PS3 120GB Slim delivers a package that is worth the money. Compare PS3 120GB store prices here .