Fire Engine Birthday Party with a Bright Red Theme

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Parents of young children can certainly find that the little ones develop obsessions about their favorite topics like the Fire Engine and absolutely love anything related to them. As a result many birthday parties are held each year with themes related to these favored topics, including the Fire Engine party and fireman party. Of course this makes the kids happy and the parents are happy because their little one is happy.

The color of choice for the fire engine party is red, bright red. Buy and blow up balloons, hang red streamers from the stairwells and along the walls, and look for appropriately themed paper supplies for the event. Most party supplies are themed for American Heroes and Fireman themes and these works well with the Fire Engine theme and most successful parties are a mix of a couple of different themes anyway. To emphasize the fire engine theme though you can make or order a cake made in the shape of a fire engine. Even a square cake with red frosting and the simple outline of a fire engine in black frosting will work.

For some fun and memorable party favors make up goodie bags filled with related items. Dalmatians are often associated with fire houses and fire engines so try looking for temporary tattoos and stickers of these furry critters. You may be able to find Dalmatian toys and stuffed animals to give as gifts and dance prizes. Toy fire engines also make a great addition to the party. You can purchase several of them and leave them in strategic places around the party area, like on the buffet table and in the corner of the room. They add to the look and the kids can play with them too. Noise makers can be another great favor to place in the goodie bags since fire engines are known to make lots of noise.