Warcraft Millionaire – Be the Richest Toon in History!

Warcraft millionaire is a guide that has been released on the back of lots of other guides that you have probably seen about. It really surprises me that people will spend a real money to get further in a computer game. Well let me rephrase! It really DID surprise me as after playing the game of world of warcraft I can see why people choose to spend money to get all the add ons and gear quicker.

Some people go so far as using these companies that you have probably seen on Google that charge hundreds of dollars just to buy world of warcraft gold! A word of advice although I would not recommend getting gold this way as it is against the terms and conditions and they have good ways of tracking it from the auction house so if you get caught you will be banned.

So is warcraft millionaire another rehashed guide or is it any good?

For the first thing that stuck me on this website is set the guy that created it actually provides full proof of his earnings from world of warcraft and shows you that he has made over one million gold across Seven different warcraft accounts. The reason that you have to do it across Seven different ones is because there is a gold cap on one account.

The techniques revealed within the guide are fairly central to the auction house and this really is no surprise as you can make a ton of cash if you know how to use the auction house correctly.

In my opinion the best way to make gold in the world of warcraft is to get yourself to outland which you will need to be level 57+ however once you get there you will find that all the drops and gear is far far better than your existing stuff . Also the money that drops is far higher and you will normally get about 10 to 20 silver for every mob killed!

I would say that the world of warcraft gold guide can help you in the early levels however as mentioned above if you are near 60 then just get yourself to outland and you really do not need a guide.

I hope this article has told you a bit more about warcraft millionaire and whether or not you need it to be successful in WOW!

Happy gaming!