WoW Addicts Review – Is This WoW Leveling Guide a Scam?

Have you heard of Wow leveling guides, or are you currently searching for one online? In this article, I will give you a preview of what a Wow leveling guide is, and whether or not they are of any use.

1. Why Are There So Many Wow Leveling Guides Online, and How Should You Choose One?

There are dozens of leveling guides being sold on the internet, and I know I was once very confused about which one I should get when every seller is promising that they have the best one.

Different guides will have different types of materials and teaching styles. Some will provide you written instructions and pictures, while there are others who provide you with video walkthroughs as a bonus. But I would say that not all of them are useful. In fact, I was foolish enough to buy so many of them, and I can honestly say that some of them were total rubbish.

2. Why I Started Using the Wow Addicts Leveling Guide

I remembered my first experience with leveling to 70, and it was really tough. I took more than 16 days to accomplish this, while I was hearing about other pros doing it in less than 6 days. That was when I started purchasing every leveling guide on the internet, and one of them that have been really helpful is from the Wow Addicts site.

At first I thought that the pros who could level so quickly were using hacks or cheats, and I certainly did not want to put my account at risk. However, I soon found out that the creator of the Wow Addicts guide managed to go from 1 to 70 in 5 days 8 hours with 100% legit strategies.

He has recorded everything that he did on video and included it with his package. If you have stopped by his website you would have seen his trailer where he shows some parts of his exciting quests. Ever since following the strategies and doing the exact same quests in the Wow Addicts guide, I have significantly shorter my leveling time and am enjoying the process more too.