Are Dogs Really Safe In The Water

Keeping your Dog Safe in the Water:

Like humans, dogs also enjoy taking a dip to cool off during the hot summer months. However, not all dogs are excellent swimmers, particularly if they have health problems or are particularly young or old. This is why it is important to take safety precautions when allowing your four-legged friends in and around the water.

One of the most popular ways of keeping dogs safe in water is the use of a water vest. These floatation devices will assist your pet in staying afloat, particularly should they get into difficulties or experience fatigue. Whether you're going for a walk by the lake or taking your pet on a sailing trip, a water vest will give you the assurance that your dog will be safe, no matter what happens.

You should also consider how safe the environment will be when considering whether or not to allow your dog into the water. For instance, a lake may be fairly calm and have shallow areas that are ideal for your pet to swim in. However, rivers can contain strong undercurrents, which can quickly tire your dog and turn into a potentially dangerous situation. In most cases, your dog will decide for itself how far out to go and for how long, though it is important to keep an eye on your pet.

If you are not accredited to allowing your pet in the water, take it easy for the first few sessions. Chances are that your dog will enjoy the freedom and that swimming will come naturally, although getting them used to the water will be the best way for you and your pet to acknowledge the boundaries.

Water temperature will also play a part in how to keep your dog safe. Like humans, dogs too can suffer from hypothermia, and although it is not as much of a concern in the warmer summer months, you should still prevent prolonged exposure to cold water. Your dog will use a lot more energy in keeping warm if the water is insufficiently cold, which is another reason to kit your dog out with a water vest.

Playing in the water can be great fun for you and your pet, and is perfectly safe so long as you use a little common sense. It may take a little getting used to for your dog, but a water vest will keep them safe should they venture out of their depth or grow tired whilst swimming. As long as you stay within your dogs limits, watch it whilst in the water and ensure that it does not stay in the water too long, your pet can have fun and cool off this summer without any risk whatever.