3 Reversible Dog Coats for Small Dogs

One of the best ways that you can protect your pet during the cold winter months is by buying dog coats. These coats come in very trendy designs that would not only protect your pet but can also make him or her look very adorable and huggable.

A smart way for you to do in buying coats for your dog is to buy one that is reversible. This is because you can actually get two kinds of style for the price of one. You do not have to worry on where you can get these kinds of coats because there are lots of them that are available online. In fact, there are three reversible coats that offer your dog the much needed warmth during winter and also have very trendy and stylish designs. These coats are the reversible houndstooth coats, the royal purple reversible houndstooth coat, and the royal purple reversible hounstooth vest.

The reversible houndstooth coat is made up of two layers of fleece which is quite perfect for your dog to wear during a very cold winter day. The design of this dog coat is also very cute. One side has a white and black print combination with a red colored outline and a pocket, while the other side is colored black with the black and white print used in the collar part and there is also a cute bone print at the back. This is one of the dog coats that can actually make your dog look very cute and huggable.

Then another cute reversible coat that you can buy for your dog is the royal purple reversible houndstooth coat. One side of this coat is made up of fleece that is colored purple with a black and white print on the collar area and also has the same bone decoration like the first dog coat that was mentioned. Then the other side is made out of wool and has the opposite color combination of the first side and still has the bone decoration. This cute reversible coat has corduroy pockets, a Velcro strap and leash hole.

The third and the last is the royal purple revesible houndstooth vest. This vest, which is actually a dog coat looks more like the royal purple coat mentioned above but has a high cut belly covering which offers added warmth and comfort. This kind of dog coats can be partnered with a shirt to add extra warmth when needed.